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Has always been around music, started out as a DJ then formed "Sound Garage" in 2013, which experienced steady growth since.  In 2018 he formed the Revel One Alliance which includes a set of companies that have a solid history in the industry.

30 Years in the industry, has seen it all, broken and fixed it all!   One of the best systems engineers in the business!  

Gavin Hayden

Director of Janitorial Services  

Bruce Mastay

Miami Systems Engineer

Steven can play a number of instruments.  He is proficient in the live sound and recording world.  What can you say? He loves music! 

Ram has 20 years of experience running live events.

Steven Turner 

Dallas ops (Sound Garage)

Ram Kalpat

International Accounts(Sound-o-Rama)

Mike is learning  from the pros and has grown to become a solid systems tech, and only gets better every day!  Usually the first guy on site 

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Joey has been creating digital content since 2001. Videos, websites, brochures, logos, you name it he can create it.

Mike Mastay

Miami Systems Tech

Joey Edwards

Digital Marketing Manager

Reje Showers

Miami Regional Sales


Mr. Showers has proven to be a leader in production design and event management over the last 40 years, with hundreds of concerts, festivals and special events to his credit. Most recently Reje has the Many Rivers to Cross Festival and Atlanta Jazz in the Gardens  2007 to 2011 to add to his portfolio of work.

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